Round 1 of the $1000 Vote!

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.
Albert Schweitzer
Its been a while since blogging – and it’s good to be back. Since we launched Flowers in the Desert in October last year we’ve had over 4000 hits! This is way beyond what we expected and we hope that anyone reading about these projects will feel some of the positive energy that is happening in this corner of the world. One can feel despondent reading the papers, and any move to peace,  feels like light years away. But at least while waiting for the movers and shakers to negotiate some sort of  deal – it’s encouraging to watch the seeds that are being strewn and beautiful flowers that are blossoming in the most unlikely places. And to shed some light on these flowers, however little, is precisely the intention of this blog.
Round 1 of our $1000 vote has finally ended and and we couldn’t believe that over 800 people took the time to vote for their favourite project. We are so grateful for the help in allocating this grant, when having to choose from so many worthwhile projects. More exciting is the incredibly generous offer from a very special couple to donate another $1 000 to be distributed as 2 x $500 second prizes in Round 2 and 3- so now more entrepreneurs and organisations can receive concrete support for their incredible work.
 And the winner for Round 1… We are delighted that Hotline for Migrant Workers won the most votes. This is not an easy time for migrant workers and asylum seekers in general, and in Israel in particular. Hotline is doing an incredible job to alleviate the very difficult conditions faced by foreigners in Israel.  Their ethic is based on the quote from Deuteronomy 10:19 “Love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Hotline sent us the following message:
“2012 will be a challenging year for the Hotline of Migrant Workers. The Knesset has just passed the new Law against Infiltration, which allows the State to detain refugees for three years. For this purpose, it is also planning to build the largest detention facility for asylum seekers in the world. The Hotline and other human rights organizations will petition the Supreme Court against this legislation, which does not take even the most basic rights of refugees into account. Please watch this video clip about the law.
The money donated by “Flowers in the Desert” will go towards our struggle against this and other problematic legislation and towards our general activities.”
In the next few weeks, Flowers in the Desert, will post stories about five more amazing and innovative organisations that are doing their part to change the world. Get ready to vote for Round 2.
One Response to “Round 1 of the $1000 Vote!”
  1. Julie says:

    Well done! So inspiring! I’ll look forward to hearing about round 2…

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