It’s time for Round 2 of our $1000 vote. This time, through a generous donation, we are able to allocate an extra $500 to the runners up.

In this round, Flowers in the Desert have featured four diverse organisations dealing with issues that include the challenges of asylum seekers,  business leadership training,  a facebook page encouraging young leaders to talk about the Middle East, and a martial arts club training kids to fight for peace. All these organisations are working tirelessly to improve their reality, but only one of them will win the $1000 vote. We need your help to decide who is the most deserving of this Round’s grant, we believe in the wisdom of the crowd. Please get involved –  This is such a simple way for you to engage with the thousands of people who are working to help make Israel a democratic and just society. Please pass this on and help give these organisations the publicity that they deserve. In the last Round we achieved 850 votes… help us to beat that in this Round.

Read the description of these four organisations here and then PLEASE VOTE:

Budo for Peace – martial art clubs throughout Israel teaching tolerance and co-existence and respect

Yala Young Leaders -facebook page encouraging positive discussion and engagement around the middle east

Lasova –  free “restaurants”, homeless shelters and after-school clubs for children- mostly of asylum seekers and migrant workers

Young Business Leadership  – Programme teaching entrepreneurial skills and business leadership to children on the periphery

Flowers are the alphabet of angels, whereby they write on the hills and fields mysterious truths” -Benjamin Franklin


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