Desert Flowers is thrilled to be partnering with New Israel Fund UK to launch their new competition called Vote for Change. Based on our original format, the new competition will reach a wider audience, shining light on a wider range of incredible and innovative projects that deserve to be championed.

For years, New Israel Fund has been working to secure Israel’s long term survival and prosperity for all its citizens. It has helped and supported organisions who apply Israel’s Jewish and democratic values by protecting human rights, tackling poverty, promoting religious tolerance, cultivating co-existence and preserving the environment.

Until I lived in Israel, I was unaware of the very real impact that New Israel Fund has had on civil society in Israel and its enormous reach. Few people involved in civil society have not heard of or benefited in some way through the tireless efforts of New Israel Fund and Shatil –  their capacity building affiliate.

Now we are asking you to contribute to building Israel’s civil society by helping to give some of these organisations and individuals the attention they deserve. All we ask is that you Take notice, Vote and Pass this on. This small action can make a vast difference where it is very needed. Vote here for Change….

3 Responses to “VOTE FOR CHANGE!”
  1. Brilliant!!!

    Natalie Barnett


    Twitter @NatalieBarnett2

  2. Sarah Rennie says:

    I love this idea and the organisations are so well and carefully selected – makes voting hard!

  3. Stephen Jaff says:

    They are all such worthy initiatives it is difficult to make a decision- but I will be voting soon.
    What a wonderful idea and site

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