To See Heaven in a Wild Flower

It’s that time of year again – end of holidays (for some), sprint-up to Rosh Ha Shana (also for some)… and for us, our annual house move!!! (and hopefully last one for a while!!)… and to throw in to the mix- time to vote for a grass-roots charity in Israel.

A few months ago, this blog that I started while in Israel,  merged with the New Israel Fund UK to form “Vote for Change” – in order to get greater exposure to some of the really important and cool stuff that is going on in Israel. As we all know, it gets tiring reading about the negative –  so the purpose is to shine light on to those individuals who are doing an incredible job of going against the current and changing the lives of many for the better. And the cool part is that you get to vote which organisation wins £1000.
The four stories in this round are indicative of the diversity of Israeli society. This time they are written by four different people who have in some way been connected to or touched by the organisation represented.
One, the School House, provides English lessons to asylum seekers, who have so little rights and chances in Israel. Mavoi Satum helps religious Jewish women who are going through a divorce with much needed legal aid and crucial emotional support. The third is an incredibly moving story of a library in a Bedouin town which has yet to afford any books! And finally, Arous Elbahr, a centre in Jaffa which provides resources and tools to Palestinian women living in Jaffa, empowering them to earn a living and be part of a community.
I found it incredibly difficult to choose – but please read through the stories, pass on and most importantly –  vote for one. (please vote right now as votes close on 27th Aug!!!) You have no idea how heartening it is for those involved to know that people outside actually care.
For those celebrating Rosh Ha Shana –  may you be blessed with a sweet, happy and healthy year ahead and beautiful friendships. For those not, blessings on your head anyway! And may we all get to hold infinity in the palm of our hand. (and see heaven in a wild flower or desert flower!) 

William Blake

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour.”

One Response to “To See Heaven in a Wild Flower”
  1. Sarah Rennie says:

    That was too hard! All these organisations are doing such imaginative and necessary work. I found it really difficult to make a choice…

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