Someone once told us “Israel is full of amazing people with absolutely no influence.” The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate that this isn’t true! While spending the last year in Israel, we have been constantly amazed and inspired by the creativity and innovation that so many individuals demonstrate, often in very difficult circumstances. We believe that each of these individuals makes an enormous difference, and in fact, sometimes just the awareness of their work, creates a positive impact too. We believe in the “greatness of smallness.”


Desert Flowers Foundation works with, raises awareness for, and funds social entrepreneurs and organizations who use the most creative means to deliver meaningful, impactful and inspiring change in the harshest environments.

Desert Flowers seeks to break the stereotype of Israel as a homogenous society by showcasing some of the most innovative thinkers and doers in the country.  By exposing the public to Israeli organizations who are creating real and lasting change within society, Desert Flowers proves that even amidst the most severe conditions, it is still possible to thrive.  Like David Ben Gurion, we too know that with enough love and care, it is still possible “to make the desert bloom.”

Desert Flowers seeks to empower the public by allowing them to contribute directly to bringing about lasting change within Israel. By voting on our blog, our readers actively support the organizations they believe in.  In giving a voice to the many, we provide hope.

Our Vote

Desert Flowers will regularly donate $1000 to an entrepreneur or organisation featured in this blog.  In the spirit of  “Pay Attention to Non-Violence,” a TED TALK given by Just Vision’s Julia Bacha, we ask you to help us choose by voting for your favourite project. By following  the blog and spreading the word about these critical projects, you can contribute to the change that they are creating.

We also encourage you to volunteer with, help fundraise for,  or donate directly to any of the projects.


Thanks to Tali Fisher, Cindy Katz and Miriam Menkin for your invaluable help and enthusiasm, and to Nat, Maria, Suzie, Ruthie, Pam and Julie for listening (and listening and listening) and encouraging.


Daniella Jaff Klein  recently spent 2 years living in Israel with her husband and two young children, trying her darndest to understand  Israel and the roots of Jewish culture. Partly to further her own understanding, she launched Flowers in the Desert . In her spare time, she has explored innovative Jewish learning with Rabbi Chananel Rosen of Yakar Centre for Tradition and Creativity. Daniella’s passion for social justice has been built through her time working for the New Israel Fund UK, in London (where she is now a Board member), completing a masters degree in International and Human Rights Law at LSE, and her experience as a commercial lawyer and entrepreneurial educator in her native (and much beloved) Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cindy Katz grew up in New Jersey and lived in New York City for nearly ten years before moving to Israel with her husband in 2010. She is freelance writer and actively works to further educational opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. Cindy recently had beautiful twins girls – Aya and Noga.


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