Why would the CEO of Coca Cola of Israel want the opinion of a fourteen year old Bedouin boy, who grew up in an unrecognised village? In fact, why would the CEO of Coke even have reason to meet a fourteen year old Bedouin boy who grew up in an unrecognised village? And why should … Continue reading

MAGIC CARPET: Budo for Peace

  One of the things that I love about Israel is the possibility of driving for less than an hour and feeling as though you have been transported to another land. In this case, it was as though we had been whisked away on a magic carpet and delivered into  a distant Arabian village at … Continue reading

Windows – channels for communication

A Window to the Conflict On 21 October, Flowers in The Desert arranged a meeting at the small Windows office in South Tel Aviv to learn more about the organisation. Cindy Katz wrote the following post: I almost had a sense that none of us, myself included, should have been there.  Watching a panel of … Continue reading

UNITAF – combating “pirate” kindergartens

A little haven in the central bus station of Tel Aviv The last thing you’d expect to find in Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station is a daycare centre. When walking near the station, it’s hard not to be struck by its ugliness. In fact a Ha-aretz article describes it as “ a gigantic cement maze” … Continue reading

Budo for Peace

“Fighting for peace” Imagine believing you can fight for peace. Danny Hakim, the charismatic founder of Budo for Peace has got over one thousand Arab and Jewish kids in Israel not just believing it, but practicing it everyday. During the last ten years Budo for Peace has created twenty clubs throughout Israel where various martial … Continue reading