The School House: volunteers needed

The School House is a programme in Tel Aviv teaching English to asylum seeking women…. PLEASE HELP and pass this on if you know of anyone who could volunteer: Seeking a volunteer English teacher to teach English to a group of 5-10 African refugee women. Job description: An 8 week English course for African asylum seeking women, one evening a week, Wednesdays from 6-8pm … Continue reading

The day we came out of Egypt….. LASOVA

This Pesach I was mindful of the command to “Remember this day that you came out from Egypt.” (Shemot 13:3) Of course, the concept of the seder is designed for us to tell and retell the story, and to understand it as though we were there ourselves.  All the elaborate symbols are tools to bring it … Continue reading

UNITAF – combating “pirate” kindergartens

A little haven in the central bus station of Tel Aviv The last thing you’d expect to find in Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station is a daycare centre. When walking near the station, it’s hard not to be struck by its ugliness. In fact a Ha-aretz article describes it as “ a gigantic cement maze” … Continue reading

Strangers in the Land – Hotline for Migrant Workers

Somehow, when I came to Israel, going to prison was just not on the agenda. Yet here I am, and strangely over the last few months it has become a familiar place. Fortunately I am only here as a visitor. But had I been born in a different place, I might have found myself here … Continue reading