To See Heaven in a Wild Flower

It’s that time of year again – end of holidays (for some), sprint-up to Rosh Ha Shana (also for some)… and for us, our annual house move!!! (and hopefully last one for a while!!)… and to throw in to the mix- time to vote for a grass-roots charity in Israel.   A few months ago, … Continue reading


Desert Flowers is thrilled to be partnering with New Israel Fund UK to launch their new competition called Vote for Change. Based on our original format, the new competition will reach a wider audience, shining light on a wider range of incredible and innovative projects that deserve to be championed. For years, New Israel Fund … Continue reading

Supporting Innovation in Israel

Flowers in the Desert has been writing about and supporting various social start ups in Israel. We are currently working on improving this blog and will be bringing you a new host of organisations to vote for soon. Please continue to read our previous posts and support the work that so many are doing in … Continue reading


It’s time for Round 2 of our $1000 vote. This time, through a generous donation, we are able to allocate an extra $500 to the runners up. In this round, Flowers in the Desert have featured four diverse organisations dealing with issues that include the challenges of asylum seekers,  business leadership training,  a facebook page … Continue reading


Why would the CEO of Coca Cola of Israel want the opinion of a fourteen year old Bedouin boy, who grew up in an unrecognised village? In fact, why would the CEO of Coke even have reason to meet a fourteen year old Bedouin boy who grew up in an unrecognised village? And why should … Continue reading

Round 1 of the $1000 Vote!

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.“ Albert Schweitzer Its been a while since blogging – and it’s good to be back. Since we launched Flowers in the Desert in October last year we’ve had over 4000 hits! This is way beyond what we … Continue reading