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Art of Living in Israel

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  1. Penny Smith says:

    See in particular, Flowers of the Desert an organisation started by my wonderful Cousin Daniella …In my view tis time to change one’s headspin all ye fundamentalists; theres no sense in arguing unilaterally for either side; reconciliation at the level these organisations are doing, driven by the youth by cultural activitsts and many, many women across sides, is the only hope for peace in the Middle East. I am so tried of largely male dominated politcal rheteoric and the histrocial distortions from both sides and the reactive and embittered defences they evoke. As a Jewish woman, it shames my humanity, dulls my creativity and tears at my search for spiritual truth. Let’s salute these organisations and flow with their energy and force to change the way we see and do things.Aluta Continua!

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